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The Future of Photography

Thanks to smart mobile phones, billions of people around the globe are turning into prolific photographers.

The sophistication of Smartphone cameras  today allows everyday users to take high-quality pictures with relative ease, for those who like a bit more, and miss the flexibility of having interchangeable lenses on cameras.

 Struman Optics provides a set of  easy to carry lenses to suit your everyday situations which include Telephoto,  Wide angle/Self Portrait, Fisheye, Macro and our Signature lens, the 4K Cinematic Wide.

The popularity of social-media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Pinterest, has likely played another key role in the rise of Smartphone camera photography, since it’s generally much easier and quicker to post, text or email photos from a smartphone than from stand-alone cameras.

Struman Optics high quality, cost effective lenses which attach easily and compatible with all the different brand Smartphones, easy to attach and use, Our customers range from professional photographers with speciality interests to everyday people who take every day happy snaps , family photos , travel photos, landscape or floral , insect photos and much more.

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take better photos today

The Mobile Photography Boom

 Sales of digital cameras have drastically declined over the years, from 121.5 million in 2010 to just 13 million in 2016.


According to estimates from InfoTrends, people will take a hundred billion more photos in 2017 than they did in 2016, the bulk of those photos will be taken on smartphones alone.


It makes sense to improve your smartphone camera that you carry around than spend money on a separate device just to take photographs, not to mention the inconvenience of carrying the digital camera, plus the batteries and the charger.  

Struman optics have sold more than 100,000 lenses worldwide more than 30% have come from word of mouth and when surveyed 93.5% would recommend to friends and family.  18% bought it as a gift to a friend or family member.

 At struman we believe good photos on smart phones  are no accident. With the help of good quality struman lenses and our in depth step by step smartphone course by a veteran photographer Mike James you could be on your way to snapping those amazing wow photos too.

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